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We are, we exist

In Contos Exemplares, Sophia de Mello Breyner, brings us the story of a man and a woman who go on a journey. One of those that can be considered the journey of a lifetime. They travel along a road and when they reach a crossroads, they choose a path, but halfway along the way they notice they have made a mistake and try to return to the crossroads, but they can no longer find it and decide to forge ahead. They arrive again at a part of the road where they have to choose between a hill with trees or a plain and decide to climb the hill so they can see all the paths and find the right one to reach their destination. When they get there they see a man and ask him about the crossroads. The man told them to wait a little while and soon he would show them the way. While they were waiting they asked the man to show them where they could drink water. When they returned from the source, the man was no longer there. They decided to get back in the car and go in the direction the man had shown them, but when they got to the place where the car was, it had already disappeared. They decided to return to the place of the water but the source was no longer there either. The journey of this man and woman led by Sophia personifies very well the men and women on the Autism Spectrum. Throughout their process of discovery to diagnosis, and from diagnosis to acceptance. There are many crossroads to be found. Being Autistic - Nine adults share their journeys from discovery to diagnosis, coordinated by Caroline Hearst, brings us a set of nine different ways of looking at this journey. To buy the book visit the Autangel website.

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