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The autistic poet

The words stubbornly refused to come out. Were they also averse to interaction? Or were they non-verbal? And now? asked the autistic poet. And how could he write about a capacitating society from which he could not escape! He was not going to write about the war in Ukraine. Because what the autistic poet wanted was to hold the flag of peace and fly it on dry land, where everyone could see it. Besides, he wrote a short sonnet last week on the subject. Although no one has read it, to the autistic poet. And what about euthanasia? He had written one too. He had even written a dialogue between life, death and an autistic man who played chess with both. This autistic poet also likes cinema very much. And The Seventh Seal has always been one of the most enigmatic and present films in his life. He saw it for the first time when he was eight years old. He has seen it repeatedly over the last thirty-four years. They say it's of narrow interest! And that's what the autistic poet called this dialogue, The Restricted Poem. And when this week he read the news in the Expresso newspaper , "the contemporary poet cannot be autistic of his own society", it got him thinking. The first thing that came to his mind was the question, How do I know if this is my Society? And he wrote a poem about that too! Then she thought of writing a poem for the newspaper Expresso. He doesn't know yet how he will start. It must be his intolerance of uncertainty! You never know how the poem will end!

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