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Relationships not always understood

Giving employment to autistic people! But that's going to be an additional cost and I probably won't get any benefits! you could hear it in a meeting. I don't understand why everyone is staring at me? Has anyone ever read a report saying that there are benefits for an organisation if it employs autistic people? Since nobody has an answer for me we will move on to the next item of the agenda! said the person in charge of the company regarding a proposal they had received regarding the possibility of integrating autistic people in their company.

This represents a dialogue that most probably justifies that several companies from different sectors worldwide do not even think about employing autistic people. In other words, the cost-benefit ratio perceived by you will almost always be disadvantageous and unbalanced. With costs outweighing the almost non-existent benefits. But why? some people ask.

First of all, there are very few studies, or almost nonexistent, which have made a serious survey of the cost-benefits of a programme which would have employed autistic people. And why? some ask. Because it is probably assumed that such a study would not make sense. Which is completely wrong.

If we think of the costs involved in pensions and other social benefits that autistic people are entitled to. And on top of that, these people won't be working and therefore won't be generating wealth. Besides, they will probably be living dependent on relatives, usually parents, who will also be in burnout and will find it more difficult to work. If someone in the area of economics devotes himself to this calculation, he will be able to determine that the costs involved are many. And these are certainly not the only variables to take into account. Besides, there are all the other variables in relation to the negative impact on psychological wellbeing and quality of life. Besides all the impact it will have on society as a whole.

But when some people manage to think about some of these aspects, they quickly think about the costs involved in integrating an autistic person in a company. Even though the great majority of people in charge of companies do not have the faintest idea what issues are necessary to take into account for the adequate integration of an autistic person.

As almost always, the adaptations to be implemented are behavioural. And even if these seem to be the most difficult ones, due to resistance to change, the truth is that there are professionals capable of helping companies to make these decisions in an adequate way.

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