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Music does not always have to be the same

"Government wants rules for higher education in supporting students with disabilities" we can read on RTP's link (see here). Maybe some of you don't know, but this reality has long been known. People with disabilities know it. So do their families. But so do Higher Education Institutions. And successive governments have been more or less attentive and have produced some measures, even if sporadic.

We are not in the same place we were twenty or ten years ago. But we are short of what needs to be done. Why? Because we are talking about people, human lives, dreams, rights. Everyone, all of us have the right to education. And this right also extends to Higher Education and throughout the life cycle. People with disabilities learn. And please do not come to talk about access ramps that have been built. Not least because that just embarrasses you.

For example, we at Autism in Adults and PIN - Partners in Neuroscience, have tried to go to Higher Education Institutions. Both because in the process of accompanying our clients we see the need to be able to guide the autistic person in the application process, but also throughout the whole process of carrying out their training. But also because it is necessary to approach autism with course coordinators and some university lecturers. Or when we develop awareness and training actions, like the most recent one which took place in Instituto Superior Técnico in TagusPark (see here). Or the Workshop When autism goes to the University, held at the University of Lisbon for health professionals and university teachers (see here).

The reality of people with disabilities can be different. We all need to be part of the change.

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