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1 May 2022. First Sunday in May. Mother's Day. But also Workers' Day. My mother is all this and much more, thinks Artur (fictitious name). My mother is a mother, a worker and autistic. But my mother is also a daughter. His mother is not autistic but his father is. He is also a worker, he says. My mother is sister. She is not autistic but she works with autistic children. She is a therapist, she says. My mother doesn't work outside the home at the moment. And she is not teleworking either. My mother is unemployed, she adds. She has been unemployed a lot. I don't know why ? she says. She does things very well. Most of the time she is quite perfect. My father often says that about her. My father is not autistic, but he was the one who found out that my mother would be too. My mum says that's how they met. My mum says that's why she wanted to be with him, she says. My father is the one who took this picture. I'm not giving my mother a kiss. That's even though the picture looks like that. I don't like these things about having to kiss my mother just because it's Mother's Day, he says. If that were the case I'd only give her one kiss a year, and that seems absurd to me. I've also read somewhere that Mother's Day is the original date of Christmas. And since all that seems like a huge mess to me, I do things my own way. My father says I do a lot of things my way. My mother says I also do like her many things my way. But I have always heard that everyone has their own way. So it shouldn't be a bad thing to do things your own way. For example, my mother is a mother in her own way and I like that very much, she says. If she was like my friend Afonso's mother, I wouldn't like it at all, he says. But Afonso says that he loves his mother just the way she is and that tells me that this is what is good, he concludes.

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