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Alexa, how do I feel?

Alexa is the virtual assistant, developed by Amazon, which makes it possible to entertain and inform. Alexa as a conversational assistant, is able to understand the context up to a certain point and perform a simple task, such as setting alarms, informing about the traffic situation or weather forecast, as well as running a playlist.

As such, anyone with Alexa as a companion can ask her to talk like a teenager, answer the question What came first: the chicken or the egg, or what your birthday is. A rather varied range of questions and for which there will be an answer given by Alexa.

I confess that setting alarms or knowing about the traffic situation, depending on where you are, can be tasks with some complexity. And I'm not even talking about who came first, the chicken or the egg.

One of these days, Raúl (fictitious name), thought of asking Alexa for help. He asked her how he felt! Alexa apparently did not know how to answer him. Then he asked her how she felt! Apparently she didn't know how to answer him either. Even though when he asked her if she was sad, Alexa told him no. Raul was left not quite sure how. He was told that what he felt could be called frustration. When they told him that, he asked them so that they could explain to him what frustration is. All these years, because he is now 34 years old, Raul has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also has Alexithymia. Don't you know what it is? Don't ask Alexa!

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